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Portable fire pit and grill

Is there anything more mouth-watering than the smell of pork chops sizzling on the grill? Summer is all about BBQs, the great outdoors and spending time with loved ones. Now it’s even easier to enjoy the perfect cookout anywhere with Grill N Pit.

Bring Your Own BBQ

The problem with many fire pits is that they’re difficult to move from one campsite to another. They’re bulky and restrictive, which makes having a BBQ a complicated process. Sometimes you even have to reserve the pit if there are too many people around or wait around for one to free up. Grill N Pit portable fire pit and grill makes all those problems a thing of the past. Lightweight and easy to store when not in use, you can bring your own BBQ with you anywhere!

Easy Clean, Easy Store

Grill N Pit provides easy disposal of burned debris, as well as a simple and convenient way to clean up your cook out. Unlike most traditional campsite fire pits, Grill N Pit comes complete with a wide grilling plate that allows you to cook large cuts of meat to perfection. Simply adjust the height of the grill according to your needs and get the most out of your meat. Fold flat and store when not in use.

Most portable BBQs are too small for cooking a side of beef or a rack of ribs and most traditional pits are too hard to move from one place to another. Have fun this summer and bring your BBQ with you with Grill N Pit.

Cook meat to perfection with Grill N Pit’s wide grill and fire basin

  • Convenient – Intelligent design allows for flat-pack storage
  • Portable – Complete with wheels, making it even easier to move
  • Easy Clean – A simple way to dispose of burned debris
  • Wide Grill – Cook your meat to its prime and adjust height as needed

The facts

  • The doors of the Grill N Pit easily slide off when not in use for added space around the campfire.
  • The dual purpose handles act as grill grate supports and when easily rotated perform as handles for easy maneuverability of the Grill N Pit. This makes disposing of burnt debris or transporting firewood a breeze.
  • The Grill N Pit easily hangs on your garage wall in the off-season or when not in use creating a simple storage solution.

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